Ulrich Van Bell is a Canadian DJ and producer who is known for his highly specialized research which allows him to create and find unique sounds. These special sounds are heavy and intense but still melodic. With 30 years of experience in the electronic scene, his reputation as a platinum master and his power to charm the crowds is well established around the world due to his outstanding Techno melodic sounds.

Since his youth Ulrich has been an electronic music enthusiast and immediately felt challenged by djing. As an adolescent he began his ascension as a DJ at various private parties and several night clubs in Québec city where he was instantly noticed and loved by the audience.

Behind the desk Ulrich becomes the puppeteer with music and takes possession of your senses to transport you to an intergalactic journey where everything becomes possible. That’s where he comes alive, where skills honed for years and all the hard work take their meaning. He loves every minute of it and feels fortunate to do what he does.


In 2004 his first album, Sex Music, with its warm and enveloping Techno beats, sold more than 6,000 copies in one year. After that he released his first hit, Black Tomatoe (2008) dark Techno with powerful synthesizers. Following that, he released Spoon City (2008), a more crazy and funky one.

#1 on Beatport
In 2016 the new release of Ulrich Van Bell “Wet system” go viral and reach the top ten releases in Hard-Techno on Beatport and became the #1 for several days.


As a DJ, he has the ability to take possession of your senses with his music to guide you on a fabulous journey and this led him to play in several countries such as United-States, France, Egypt and Canada.

Over the years he got several gigs and played many times in some of the biggest after hours in Quebec.

Stereo and Stereo Bar
Red Light
He also performed at some big events.

Gay pride at Parc Émilie-Gamelin with over 8000 people (2007)
Trance Unity at Circus after hours (2015)

After producing a full length album, numerous singles, remixes of dozens of artists around the world, gigs in several countries, creating his own successful record label Vortek Records (counting more than sixty producers from many countries), a weekly international radio show “Collateral Dreams” on DI.fm and as an ex-owner of a night club (NRJ Night Club, Canada Est Coast) we can say without hesitation that Ulrich Van Bell is an accomplished artist.



Now that Vortek Records is well established in the electronic scene and its sub-labels (5HTP Records / Born2Porn Records / Neuroscience UK) are increasingly popular, Ulrich Van Bell can focus on his career and his studio productions to do what he does best; perform for the crowd.

In 2014 Ulrich reached the top 10 best DJ in Montreal on Reverb Nation and 2016 begins strong for him as he showcases his unique driving style with his new release Pornoganda, a production quality of the highest level characterized by a floor shaking kick and sub bass combined to perfection. This creates the unique sound of Ulrich Van Bell that is sure to cause devastation on dance floors all across the globe.

With all the intensity that drives him, Ulrich Van Bell reserves several other musical discoveries to come soon.

Ulrich Van Bell… intense & unique.